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Portable Laser Projection Keyboard

Portable Laser Projection Keyboard

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Introducing the Portable Laser Projection Keyboard, a revolutionary way to get your work done faster and more efficiently! This advanced Bluetooth-enabled virtual laser keyboard projects an English QWERTY keyboard onto any flat surface, making it easier than ever to type with pinpoint accuracy while on the go. Its wireless connection allows you to take it anywhere and connect with any laptop, phone or tablet device for a seamless experience. Constructed of lightweight yet durable materials designed for travel, this mini-sized gadget is perfect for professionals who need a reliable keyboard during their day-to-day activities. Best of all, its features make typing easy as it recognizes each keystroke with mouse functionality that ensures speed and accuracy. Get the Portable Laser Projection Keyboard now and start typing anytime, anywhere!




Connection: Bluetooth 2.0 or USB
Wrist Support: No
Whether to support Plug and Play: Yes
Use: for iPhone iPad Android Smart Phone
Type: English QWERTY keyboard layout
Type: Virtual Keyboard
Style: Mini, Projection Keyboard, Laser Keyboard
Operation Style: Mechanical

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