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Apple CarPlay Wireless

Apple CarPlay Wireless

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The CarlinKit product makes wireless CarPlay more easy! super convenient to convert wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay,say goodbye to data cable connection, wireless transmission brings a more convenient connection experience. Connects seamlessly to your iPhone every time you get in the car, make your driving life more easier.

it retains the original car's wired carplay control and sound quality. Wireless CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive.

Product feature:

Low power consumption design ensures that the product can run stably in different environments.

Support OTA upgrade, online feedback, and solve problems quickly and quickly.

The startup connection speed is faster, and the automatic connection logic is optimized better.

Adopt authentication and 5.0~5.8Ghz data transmission to ensure a stable connection.

Wireless CarPlay,Bluetooth pairing, WIFI transmission. (Only the wireless version can be used)

Automatic Connection,After the first connection and using this CarPlay, it can be automatically connected to your phone when starting the car in next time.

Support Multifunction , Always have access to Siri, Spotify Music, touch screen, call, Messages, and Google Maps more apps through CarPlay, Choose your favorite app.

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